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Righting the Wrongs of Robert Moses

Don't Subdue Symptoms; Cure the Cause.

From the days of Robert Moses to the gradual disinvestment in Upper Manhattan, the 68th District is often first to feel the impact of policy positions from City Hall, Albany and D.C. and it's up to our representatives to be responsive when those policies fail. Xavier generates results!

Public Safety

Down these Streets.

"East Harlem is where I live and work. I walk these streets every day. Whether taking my kids to school or witnessing the impact to our families, neighbors and businesses, East Harlem deserves to be a safe and clean community. Public safety requires a balanced and considered approach for us to thrive." - Xavier


Epic Inflation!

"It has been generations since we have experienced this much fluctuation. From the Tech Bubble to the Housing Bubble and now languishing effects of Covid-19, New Yorkers and Americans are struggling to stay in their homes, provide medical care and even put food on the table." -Xavier

Economic Opportunity

"At the bare minimum, all elected leaders should know how to balance a payroll. East Harlem has a wealth of potential for our youth. But workforce development is more than a buzzword." -Xavier


"We've all experienced a healthcare crisis first hand. The cost of healthcare is through the roof and one emergency can cause a catastrophe. My family and I have advocated for healthcare models that would reduce costs across the board." -Xavier